Proposed Public Statement by Concerned Parents

NOTE: This is my proposal for a public statement by concerned parents who have concluded that existing youth-support organizations are ineffective in supporting the children they cherish.  The statement's aim is to spur the creation of organizations that offer mature assistance to the young as they formulate and execute a revolutionary strategy for their ecological survival.

Frank Rotering
March, 2022

The undersigned are parents who are deeply concerned about the catastrophic impact of the climate crisis on their children.  We are eager to offer them meaningful support, but have found that existing organizations are misguided and ineffective.  Groups such as Parents For Future and Mothers Out Front embrace the same scientific and political falsehoods that many of the young have innocently adopted.  Our view is that parents, given their accumulated knowledge and experience, have a responsibility to guide the young rationally rather than supporting them blindly.

Today's support groups make two critical errors: they trust mainstream climate science to tell the truth about the climate crisis, and they assume that governments have the capacity to solve it.

Regarding the science, it has long been evident that mainstream climate science serves the powerful and rich rather than humankind and the environment.  It thus protects capitalism and growth by promoting an irrational GHG strategy (emissions reductions instead of a safe global temperature), rejecting solar radiation management for global cooling, and disseminating the unfounded idea that human agency can only limit climate degradation but not improve climate conditions.

Regarding government capacity, both history and political analysis demonstrate that this institution is limited to capitalism-friendly policies.  History records numerous cases where governments were overthrown by military coups or electoral manipulations for impeding capitalist ends.  Political analysis reveals that, although government can represent popular interests, society is dominated by those who control the economy: its ruling class and state.  The tasks involved in solving the climate crisis are thus far beyond any government's political reach.

Given these realities, we urge concerned parents to form new support organizations based on the following guidelines:

  1. Reject mainstream climate science by embracing "ethical climate science". This is a breakaway initiative that takes youth survival seriously by objectively analyzing the crisis and proposing effective solutions.  For details see this statement.
  2. Accept the existence of ruling-class power by directing youth activism away from government-based reforms and towards revolutionary change. As stated in this youth manifesto, "The fundamental requirement for our ecological survival is not political will within the prevailing social order, but the political power to create a new and sustainable social order."

We fully accept that existing support groups are passionate about protecting their children from ecological collapse.  Our claim is that their support is ineffective in practice because it is false in theory.  We urge members to either transform their groups radically, or to abandon them and form more enlightened youth-support organizations.