To the Older

If you are over about 30 years of age you have much to offer the young in their quest for ecological survival.  Your knowledge and  experience, which the young have not had time to accumulate, will be indispensable in the transition to a sustainable society.  You have also had the opportunity to examine and dismiss the propaganda that prevents the young from clearly understanding the horrific situation they face.

Two groups among the older are particularly significant: intellectuals and concerned parents.

The ethical responsibility of intellectuals such as academics and writers is to tell the truth about the ecological crisis.  The root problem is not climate change, but ecological overshoot.  Solar radiation management (SRM) is not a mad techno-fix, but an essential tool for human survival.  The rational GHG goal is not net-zero emissions, but safe concentrations.  The IPCC was established not to solve the GHG crisis, but to silence the courageous scientists who were desperately raising the alarm.  Broadly speaking, the truth is not what conventional pressures try to impose, but what facts and logic ineluctably dictate.

A second intellectual responsibility is to develop the conceptual infrastructure for a liveable planet.  First on the list is a sustainable economic theory. To expedite this task I offer The Economics of Needs and Limits (ENL) as a starting point.  An overview of ENL is available here, and a more detailed introduction is hereThis book, which is also available as a free PDF (3MB), provides a full description.  Also on the development list are the legal, regulatory, and institutional frameworks to help manage a sustainable society.  All these will have to be comprehensively rethought for a world of severe ecological constraints.

Concerned parents should consider three actions.  First, place intense pressure on intellectuals to tell the truth, as noted above.  Identify and shame the liers and manipulators!  Second, help your children understand the underlying political reality: society is ruled not by governments, but by those who control the economy.  Youth anger must be redirected towards this group and its supporters.  Third and most importantly, stand in solidarity with your children when they initiate militant action, as they must to end the expansionary madness and hopefully survive.

For a detailed analysis that will help clarify your potential roles, see Ecological Survival and Revolutionary Change below.  For musical inspiration, click here.

This document outlines my analysis of the ecological crisis and humankind's rational response.  It explains why and how this response was blocked, why revolutionary change is now necessary for survival, and how a youth-military strategy could achieve this end.  It also discusses the difficult transition from expansionary capitalism to a sustainable economy.

Book Cover - The Economics of Needs and Limits

The Economics of Needs and Limits

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