To the Young

If you are below about 30 years of age you will be the main victims of the ecological crisis.  You should therefore understand the political realities behind this massive threat to your lives and well-being.

You have been taught that political power in our societies is exercised by the people through their elected governments, and that politicians must therefore be pressured to implement effective environmental policies.  This idea underpins the IPCC-led climate process, the school-strike movement, Extinction Rebellion, the Green New Deal, and virtually all other environmental initiatives.

Unfortunately this idea is false.  Power in our societies is instead exercised by those who control the economy.  Governments can give the people a voice on many issues, but the fundamental changes required for your ecological survival are well beyond their scope.  Pressuring politicians to implement such changes is therefore futile.

The only workable strategy is to replace the current ruling group with one that is fully committed to a sustainable future.  Your ecological survival thus depends on revolutionary change.

This website is rooted in the above perspective.  For a proposed statement of militant youth demands, see the Youth Ecological Manifesto.  For a detailed analysis of the crisis and its solutions, see Ecological Survival and Revolutionary Change. Links to both documents can be found below.

This manifesto is a militant declaration by the young that they will not be passively slaughtered by the ecological inaction of their leaders and elders.  Because this inaction is justified through a web of deceptions, the document identifies eight crucial lies and replaces them with their corresponding truths. Four core demands are then made: replace social leaders, implement solar radiation management, transform economies, and restore environmental health.

This document outlines my analysis of the ecological crisis and humankind's rational response.  It explains why and how this response was blocked, why revolutionary change is now necessary for survival, and how a youth-military strategy could achieve this end.  It also discusses the difficult transition from expansionary capitalism to a sustainable economy.