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Chapter 1: Ecological betrayal and its implications

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In recent years they have underscored this potential by loudly protesting the environmental destruction.

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The Young Desperately Need an Ecological Advocate

The IPCC’s Disastrous Refusal to Specify Unsafe GHG Concentrations

The Scientific Misconduct of Climate Scientists

UNFCCC agreement   (1992, ratified in 1994) - A highlighted copy to identify key statements.  The original document is here.

The IPCC's Interpretation of UNFCCC Article 2
…  The full reports are here.

Chapter 2:  The environmental calamity you face

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(For a useful overview see this article in Science magazine.)

Pg. 12

In its 2018 report, Global Warming of 1.5°C, the IPCC correctly states that, “Future climate-related risks depend on the rate, peak and duration of warming.”

Pg. 17

Ecological Discontinuity and Climate Science

Reject the Falsehoods: Split Climate Science!

The Discovery of Global Warming - Spencer R. Weart (2003) …
… As stated by geoscientist Michael Oppenheimer, …

A History of the Science and Politics of Climate Change: The Role of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - Bert Bolin (2007)

Pg. 18

Storms of my Grandchildren: The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity - James Hansen (2009)

A Farewell to Ice: A report from the Arctic - Peter Wadhams (2017)

Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene ("Hothouse Earth" report) - Will Steffen, Johan Rockstöm, et al. (2018) …
… The original document is here.

Climate Dominoes: Tipping Point Risks for Critical Climate Systems - David Spratt and Ian Dunlop (2022)

Pg. 19

Hidden Chaos Found to Lurk in Ecosystems - Quanta Magazine (2022)

Chapter 3: The measures you desperately need

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The work of Dr. Ye Tao, of the Rowland Institute at Harvard, has shown that GHG removal (GGR) through direct air capture (DAC) - which would be required to remove GHGs at the scale required - is infeasible.

Pg. 23

Possible technologies include the ground-based mirrors developed by MEER (Mirrors for Earth's Energy Rebalancing), ...

Pg. 24

(For a useful overview of the adaptation challenge, see Jem Bendell's "Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy")

The IPAT formula addresses this issue.

Pg. 33

Geoengineering: The Facts

Geoengineering: The Arguments

Black is White: Climate Deception becomes Orwellian

Green Illusions: The Dirty Secrets of Clean Energy and the Future of Environmentalism - Ozzie Zehner (2012)

A Case for Climate Engineering - David Keith (2013) …
… See this New York Times article for Keith's evaluation of SAI.

Climate Reality Check 2021 - Breakthrough: National Centre for Climate Restoration.

Pg. 34

Global Warming Acceleration - James Hansen and Makiko Sato (2020)

Dr. Ye Tao ~ COP26 Glasgow ~ MEER:ReflEction

Shocking Facts About Climate Change & A Possible Solution – Dr. Ye Tao

Chapter 4: Aspects of human nature you must consider

Pg. 36

Joel Kovel, a prominent ecosocialist, echoes this view in The Enemy of Nature: "...

Pg. 37

The longstanding story about modern humankind's gestation in East Africa is called the savannah hypothesis.

Pg. 38

(For a research update, see this article in ScienceDaily.)

Pg. 39

In The Descent of Man ("the origin of humankind") Charles Darwin states that a key difference between our species and "the lower animals" is that we have a "moral sense or conscience".

Pg. 40

Avoid the error I made in my 2013 book, Contractionary Revolution.

Pg. 42

The Material Interests Driving IPCC Support

On Human Nature - Edward O. Wilson (1978)

Humanity's Descent: The Consequences of Ecological Instability - Rick Potts (1996)

A Darwinian Left: Politics, Evolution, and Cooperation - Peter Singer (1999)

The Blank Slate: The modern denial of human nature - Steven Pinker (2002)

A Short History of Progress - Ronald Wright (2004)

Chapter 5: The political realities you must confront

Pg. 44

For details see my document, A Political Primer.

Pg. 48

This is sometimes expressed as giving people "bread and circuses": sustenance and entertainment.

Pg. 49

A longstanding and highly effective method of social control is divide and rule: …

Other deceptions include false-flag operations and …

Pg. 52

A standard criticism of the IPCC is that it is conservative: it tends to understate climate threats.

Pg. 53

(For a typical example see p. 11 in David Wallace-Wells' The Uninhabitable Earth.)

Pg. 54

This confusion stems in part from an influential book: The Power Elite (1956) by American sociologist C. Wright Mills.

Today this perspective is most prominently represented by progressive journalist Chris Hedges.

Pg. 55

As explained by novelist Kim Stanley Robinson in The Ministry for the Future, …

For an example see Joseph Tainter's The Collapse of Complex Societies, …

This is the title of Jane Mayer's book, which reveals how deeply the financial machinations of the Koch brothers and other plutocrats have corrupted democratic institutions.

Pg. 56

… was revealed by a Princeton University study which showed that, in stark contrast to the rich, the poor have no discernible influence on U.S. public policy.

In the right-wing context it can refer to an early German movement, …
… - for example this book by climate denier James Delingpole.

Pg. 57

Confession of an Environmental Thought-Criminal

The Prince - Niccolo Machiavelli (1532)

Pg. 58

Propaganda - Edward Bernays (1928)

1984 - George Orwell (1949)

The Conservative Mind: From Burke to Eliot - Russell Kirk (1953)

Coercion: Why we listen to what "they" say - Douglas Rushkoff (1999) …
… Rushkoff's most recent book is Survival of the Richest: Escape Fantasies of the Tech Billionaires.

Sleights of Mind: What the neuroscience of magic reveals about our everyday deceptions - Stephen L. Macknik & Susana Martinez-Conde (2010) …

Pg. 59

this video of James Randi performing a simple trick that fooled several physicists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the U.S.

The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion - Jonathan Haidt (2012)

How the South Won the Civil War: Oligarchy, Democracy, and the Continuing Fight for the Soul of America - Heather Cox Richardson (2020)

To stop climate disaster, make ecocide an international crime. It's the only way - Jojo Mehta and Julia Jackson
For updates see here and here.

Chapter 6: A strategy for youth ecological revolution

Pg. 68

However, despite establishing the Climate Psychology Alliance and the Climate Psychiatry Alliance, it has not yet addressed the task of assisting the young and their older supporters with the survival project.

Pg. 69

Learn from the mistakes made by activist groups such as Extinction Rebellion (XR). …
… XR co-founder Roger Hallam thus claims in Common Sense for the 21st Century that, "Government is the institution that makes the rules of society and has the monopoly of coercion to enforce them."

Pg. 70

Don't be seduced by the moral claims of the environmental justice and climate justice movements. …
… This was one of the main effects of Naomi Klein's 2014 book, This Changes Everything, … which urged progressives to use the GHG crisis as leverage to advance equity issues.  (p. 7)

For example, the People's Agreement of Cochabamba (2010) is a courageous statement of anti-capitalist demands, …

Pg. 73

Book review: Anthropocene or Capitalocene?

Ten Days that Shook the World - John Reed (1920)

How Nonviolence Protects the State - Peter Gelderloos (2007) …
… (This is the radical flank effect.)

Chapter 7: From capitalism to a sustainable economy

Pg. 79

For a more extensive introduction see this synopsis, which includes links to a detailed overview and my book on the subject.

Pg. 81

Also known as neoclassical economics, this mainstream theory formally expresses capitalism's economic logic and is taught at universities around the world.

This heterodox field appeared in the late 1980s as a response to the environmental ignorance of standard economics.

Ecological economics is strongly associated with the Degrowth movement, and the two play similar roles in social control.

Pg. 82

As described in Kate Raworth's book, it is instead a historical overview of economic thought and a set of guidelines – …

Relevant organizations include the New Economy Coalition (NEC), the New Economics Foundation (NEF), the Schumacher Center for a New Economics, and Pathways to a People's Economy.

Ecosocialism is socialism that has been stripped of Marx's environmentally dangerous productivism. …
… Most prominently, it fails to recognize that socialism has never produced an economic theory to guide "the radical transformation of the economy" through "democratic planning" (Michael Löwy).

Chapter 8: The post-capitalist world

Pg. 90

For details see the work of psychologist Bruce Alexander.

Pg. 91

Life, Biology, and Capitalism

Pg. 92

The Right to be Lazy - Paul Lafargue (1883)

Ecotopia - Ernest Callenbach (1974)

The Reenchantment of the World - Morris Berman (1981)

APPENDIX A: Youth Survival Manifesto

Pg. 98

Decades ago the rational aim was to maintain safe GHG concentrations, as stipulated in the UNFCCC agreement - an international - an international treaty that was ratified by 197 countries in 1994.

Pg. 103

Given the severe time constraints, we propose an independent framework, the Economics of Needs and Limits (ENL), as the starting point for this theory's development.

APPENDIX B: Public statement by the U.S. military

Pg. 105

The following are some examples from Department of Defense (DoD) documents (8MB PDF):

APPENDIX D: Public statement by ethical climate scientists

Pg. 111

A key example is the American Geophysical Union (AGU), which states in its Scientific Integrity and Professional Ethics booklet that the AGU promotes science for the benefit of humankind and a sustainable future.

APPENDIX E: Michael Mann's The New Climate War

Pg. 113

Michael Mann is the Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State, …
… In a previous book, The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars (2013), …

The thesis of The New Climate War is that the old war against "hard denial", …

Mann's book puts a new spin on an old social-control tactic: good cop/bad cop.

Pg. 114

For example, he claims that "doomists" like Jem Bendell and David Wallace-Wells are just as harmful to the climate cause as the hard deniers of the past.

Pg. 115

In 2018 it countered the fading credibility of the 2°C story with the IPCC's 1.5°C report.

… , and those associated with Scientists Warning and the Alliance of World Scientists, Alliance of World Scientists , …

Reviews of Mann's book have been effusive and uncritical (examples here and here).

Pg. 116

This book was published in July, 2022, so the author has full knowledge of recent extreme weather events.

Pg. 117

This is professional misconduct, and it will likely escalate as the GHG crisis intensifies and new lies must be concocted to pacify an increasingly alarmed populace.

APPENDIX F: The Rockefeller Foundation's corruption of science

Pg. 119

A major force in this process was The Rockefeller Foundation. …
… Fortunately a perceptive historian of science, Lily E. Kay, has written a detailed book about the Foundation's role: The Molecular Vision of Life (1996).

A highly influential source for this perspective was Jacques Loeb's essay, The Mechanistic Conception of Life (1912).

Pg. 120

This echoes the Walsh Commission, which in 1912 investigated industrial relations in the U.S. and characterized the Foundation's work as, "a thinly disguised capitalistic manipulation of the social order."

The book mentioned above is Why Trust Science? by science historian Naomi Oreskes.

Pg. 121

Green' billionaires behind professional activist network that led suppression of 'Planet of the Humans' documentary
… but my focus is on their connection to the Rockefeller Brothers Fund,

As one example, Blumenthal notes that the environmental group was deeply implicated in this suppression, …