A Survival Strategy for the
Global Young

  • Replace social rulers and capitalism
  • Implement the rational crisis response

SRM Statement
by the
Global Young

  • No more global warming: cool the Earth
  • Urgently and ethically deploy SRM

Recent Posts

Six Reasons to Reject the Emissions-reductions Story

December 22, 2022

The climate solution proposed by mainstream sources is net-zero emissions. There are six reasons why this solution is disastrously wrong.

What Shatner Saw

October 25, 2022
What Shatner Saw

Actor William Shatner briefly visited space in the fall of 2021. Through his account we can vicariously share his unanticipated shock, allowing us to imagine what he saw and felt, and to draw some conclusions.

Reject the Falsehoods: Split Climate Science!

June 21, 2022

Climate science tells the public several blatant falsehoods. I identify these and urge ethical climate scientists to split with the mainstream.

Climate Solutions Need Scientific AND Social Feasibility

April 26, 2022

At a recent online meeting of HPAC (the Healthy Planet Action Coalition), Dr. Ye Tao of MEER (Mirrors for Earth’s Energy Rebalancing) delivered an excellent presentation on the feasibility of various global cooling methods.  This is crucial information because humankind must quickly focus on the few workable measures that could end global warming and initiate…

Ecological Discontinuity and Climate Science

April 18, 2022

The extreme weather events of recent years indicate that a fundamental shift has occurred: the age of continuous ecological change is over, and the age of ecological discontinuity has begun. Climate science must respond by shifting as well. However, the IPCC’s latest Mitigation report fails to adopt this approach.