Ecological Discontinuity and Climate Science

The extreme weather events of recent years indicate that a fundamental shift has occurred: the age of continuous ecological change is over, and the age of ecological discontinuity has begun. Climate science must respond by shifting as well. However, the IPCC’s latest Mitigation report fails to adopt this approach.

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Black is White: Climate Deception becomes Orwellian

Given capitalism’s dependence on economic growth, world leaders appear to have blundered in 1994 when they ratified the UNFCCC agreement. As stipulated in the agreement’s objective (Article 2), this committed them to maintaining GHG concentrations at safe levels.

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The True Nature of the Ecological Crisis

The True Nature of Ecological Crisis

In my last seven posts, starting with Nature’s Mortal Wound, I examined various aspects of the ecological crisis. My main aim was to dispel the myths and misconceptions that frequently muddle our thinking on this crucial topic. Here I summarize my views regarding the true nature of humankind’s existential predicament.

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Nature’s Mortal Wound

Nature's Mortal Wound

It is not enough to minimize humankind’s ongoing environmental damage – we must also repair our past damage through geoengineering methods.

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