The IPCC’s Disastrous Refusal to Specify Unsafe GHG Concentrations

The IPCCs Refusal to Define Safe Concentrations - FEATURED IMAGE

If you are concerned about the ecological crisis you undoubtedly know that, four decades ago, Exxon scientists warned about “potentially catastrophic events” from rising concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs). You are presumably outraged that the corporation buried these warnings and then funded disinformation campaigns to prevent rational action.

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The IPCC’s 1.5°C Report is a Strategic Lie

The IPCCs 1.5C Report is a Strategic Lie

This report was a response to mounting concerns about the 2°C limit. However, it once again utilizes the IPCC’s false strategy: to focus on emissions rather than concentrations, and to aim for a temperature limit (which permits growth) rather than safe concentration levels (which do not).

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The True Danger is SOLUTIONS Denial

“Denialism” conventionally refers to the denial of GHG problems, but the real danger is the denial of GHG solutions – particularly for the melting Arctic. This form of denialism is one of the IPCC’s key functions.

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