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Youth Ecological Revolution

A handbook for leaders

2nd Edition

The first edition of Youth Ecological Revolution was self-published in June, 2021.  Its core message was that, because the young have been ecologically betrayed, their only chance of survival is revolutionary change.  That message remains firm, but a second edition was urgently required for three reasons: the extreme weather events that followed publication, new information about the infeasibility of large-scale greenhouse-gas removals, and my improved understanding of aerosols in industrial emissions.

Based on these factors, chapters two (ecological crisis) and three (rational response) have been substantially revised.  In this process I received indispensable help from Dr. Ye Tao and Peter Dynes of MEER (part of The Rowland Institute at Harvard), but the final text is my responsibility.

My conclusion remains the same: the young must seize political power and fight heroically for their ecological survival.  In a new afterword I  also address the ethical responsibility that has been imposed on the young, the historical significance of their generation, and the defeatism that could jeopardize their survival chances.

I have modified an appendix that in the first edition urged mainstream climate scientists to honor their professional commitments.  Recent events have clearly shown that this appeal is futile.  The revised statement therefore calls for a professional split between mainstream climate science, which disseminates the IPCC-based falsehoods and thus violates the field's ethical principles, and "ethical climate science", which repudiates the falsehoods and upholds the principles.

I have added two appendixes.  The first encourages the formation of parent support groups that will offer the young informed guidance rather than today's blind support.  The second is a glossary of the environmental, economic, and political terms used in the book.

My book is dedicated to all those young people who defiantly reject their planned genocide and instead embrace the concluding statement of my proposed youth manifesto (appendix A):

We will not be passively slaughtered!