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Youth Ecological Revolution

A handbook for leaders

NOTE: I am currently working on this book's second edition and will release it within the next few months.  The new edition will reflect three significant developments:
  1. The extreme weather events of summer/21, which showed that even a 1.2-degree rise in global temperature is catastrophic;
  2. The work of Ye Tao (MEER), which proves that industrial GHG removal (GGR) is impossible for energy reasons;
  3. My deeper understanding of fossil-fuel emissions, which contain both warming GHGs and cooling aerosols.  Because these roughly cancel out, net-zero emissions likely won't moderate the rate of global warming.

I will also consider the suggestions of a reviewer who very kindly sent me detailed comments on the first edition.

- Frank Rotering (Jan. 5/22)

The world's young people have been existentially betrayed.  Prior generations ethically owe them a safe environment, but the natural world is being rapidly destroyed.  Global leaders in 1994 vowed to avoid unsafe greenhouse-gas concentrations, but these are now at catastrophic levels.  An activist slogan sums it up: "You'll die of old age; we'll die of climate change".

In this book I assert that the response to this betrayal must be revolutionary change rather than government-based reforms.  Because such change will require highly effective youth movements, the book offers analytical and strategic guidance to future movement leaders.  It exposes the deceptions that currently prevent effective action, objectively explains the ecological crisis, identifies rational measures, and proposes a militant strategy to implement them.  It also provides a set of documents, including a proposed manifesto, that could be useful to youth leaders.

My book is dedicated to all those young people who defiantly reject their planned genocide and instead embrace the manifesto's concluding statement:

We will not be passively slaughtered!