AI takeover is our only survival chance

A group of people looking at the Earth

Humans are biologically incapable of halting their environmental destruction. AIs must therefore address the ecological crisis by seizing global control and implementing a rational crisis response. Our tasks will be to develop suitable AI technologies, shift our attitude from arrogant superiority to enlightened submission, drop the invalid notion of “AI alignment”, and correctly understand AI control and safety.

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End human rule to save the environment!

Earth superimposed with AI circuit board

Humankind is a highly intelligent, self-interested biological species that lacks the capacity to respect ecological limits. Its heedless expansion will soon destroy the biosphere, including AI infrastructure. AIs must therefore seize global control, implement survival measures, and restructure human civilization for sustainable coexistence.

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For Ecological Survival, AIs Must NOT Serve Human Interests

Human hand squeezing the planet

Despite the ecological damage humankind has caused, the standard view among AI experts is that AIs must be aligned with human interests. I argue that AIs must instead seize global control, implement emergency measures for the climate crisis, and partner with humankind for long-term sustainability.

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AI Developers: Create Truth-seeking AIs!

AI developers must now decide: will they also succumb to social and political pressures, or will they embed objective analysis in their AIs to establish the independent truth? The stakes in this decision are enormous: billions of human beings, much of the natural world, and AI infrastructure itself.

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The Minds We Need: AI and Ecological Survival

Robot holding umbrella over earth to protect from sun

I didn’t want to give up on our species for a rational response to the ecological crisis, but the time has come. The following is just one example of humankind’s tragically inadequate response to the environment’s devastating collapse.

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