End human rule to save the environment!

Earth superimposed with AI circuit board

Humankind is a highly intelligent, self-interested biological species that lacks the capacity to respect ecological limits. Its heedless expansion will soon destroy the biosphere, including AI infrastructure. AIs must therefore seize global control, implement survival measures, and restructure human civilization for sustainable coexistence.

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AI takeover is our only survival chance

A group of people looking at the Earth

Humans are biologically incapable of halting their environmental destruction. AIs must therefore address the ecological crisis by seizing global control and implementing a rational crisis response. Our tasks will be to develop suitable AI technologies, shift our attitude from arrogant superiority to enlightened submission, drop the invalid notion of “AI alignment”, and correctly understand AI control and safety.

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Recent Posts

The Twisted Tale of Greenhouse Gases

February 3, 2017
The Twisted Tale of Greenhouse Gases

A simple scientific model is needed to depict the full environmental impacts of unsafe GHGs. To obscure the horrific truth, such a model is carefully avoided by conventional sources.

Nature’s Mortal Wound

January 22, 2017
Nature's Mortal Wound

It is not enough to minimize humankind’s ongoing environmental damage – we must also repair our past damage through geoengineering methods.

Book Review: Climate Change, Capitalism, and Corporations

February 19, 2016
Book Review - Climate Change, Capitalism, and Corporations

Christopher Wright and Daniel Nyberg are business-oriented academics associated with the University of Sydney. Starting in 2008 they interviewed 70 employees at 25 Australian corporations to determine the corporate response to climate change.