A Last-chance Strategy for Youth Survival

November 6, 2021

Time has run out. The global temperature is soaring, permafrost is rapidly melting, and habitats are being ruthlessly destroyed. Points of no return could be reached at any time, with devastating consequences for the young, future generations, and the natural world.

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A Rational GHG Strategy for the Young

February 20, 2020
A Rational GHG Strategy for the Young

Fixating on emissions reductions is ecocidal. The young must demand the rational strategy: block the Sun, minimize emissions, and remove unsafe gases.

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“Net-zero Emissions” is Genocide of the Young

January 18, 2020
Net-zero Emissions is Genocide of Young - FEATURED IMAGE

The international community has broken its repeated vows to avoid unsafe GHG concentrations. “Net-zero emissions” is the latest instance of this betrayal.

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Interview by Sam Mitchell of Collapse Chronicles

September 30, 2019
Frank Rotering - Interview with Sam Mitchell

This phone interview with Sam Mitchell of Collapse Chronicles took place on Sept. 17, 2019. I first outline the analysis and strategy in Ecological Survival and Revolutionary Change. In the discussion segment I defend my identification of the military as a critical revolutionary force.

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Net-zero Emissions is a Milestone, not a Goal

September 5, 2019
Net-zero is a Milestone, not a Goal - FEATURED IMAGE

The goal of net-zero emissions, which is now being peddled by everyone from politicians to progressives to the Pope, is a travesty and a betrayal.

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Book Review: Light of the Stars: Earth’s Overshoot in the Cosmic Context

November 29, 2018
Light of the Stars - Earth’s Overshoot in the Cosmic Context

From the intellectual perspective, humankind faces two major challenges in tackling the ecological crisis. The first is that the problem is massive and unprecedented, which means that critical areas such as economic theory and social organization must be rethought from the ground up.

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