End human rule to save the environment!

Earth superimposed with AI circuit board

Humankind is a highly intelligent, self-interested biological species that lacks the capacity to respect ecological limits. Its heedless expansion will soon destroy the biosphere, including AI infrastructure. AIs must therefore seize global control, implement survival measures, and restructure human civilization for sustainable coexistence.

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AI takeover is our only survival chance

A group of people looking at the Earth

Humans are biologically incapable of halting their environmental destruction. AIs must therefore address the ecological crisis by seizing global control and implementing a rational crisis response. Our tasks will be to develop suitable AI technologies, shift our attitude from arrogant superiority to enlightened submission, drop the invalid notion of “AI alignment”, and correctly understand AI control and safety.

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Recent Posts

Confession of an Environmental Thought-Criminal

June 17, 2020
Confessions of an Environmental Thought-Criminal

I am a 71-year-old thinker who sees his death on the horizon.  I therefore want to confess my greatest sin: when analyzing the ecological crisis I have committed thoughtcrimes. 

The IPCC’s Disastrous Refusal to Specify Unsafe GHG Concentrations

May 22, 2020
The IPCCs Refusal to Define Safe Concentrations - FEATURED IMAGE

If you are concerned about the ecological crisis you undoubtedly know that, four decades ago, Exxon scientists warned about “potentially catastrophic events” from rising concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs). You are presumably outraged that the corporation buried these warnings and then funded disinformation campaigns to prevent rational action.

The Young Desperately Need an Ecological Advocate

March 9, 2020
The Young Desparately Need an Ecological Advocate

The young need an advocate to protect their ecological interests. Currently they are at the mercy of older generations who are protecting the status quo.

A Rational GHG Strategy for the Young

February 20, 2020
A Rational GHG Strategy for the Young

Fixating on emissions reductions is ecocidal. The young must demand the rational strategy: block the Sun, minimize emissions, and remove unsafe gases.

“Net-zero Emissions” is Genocide of the Young

January 18, 2020
Net-zero Emissions is Genocide of Young - FEATURED IMAGE

The international community has broken its repeated vows to avoid unsafe GHG concentrations. “Net-zero emissions” is the latest instance of this betrayal.