A Last-chance Strategy for Youth Survival

November 6, 2021

Time has run out. The global temperature is soaring, permafrost is rapidly melting, and habitats are being ruthlessly destroyed. Points of no return could be reached at any time, with devastating consequences for the young, future generations, and the natural world.

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Extinction Rebellion: Courageous Activism, Flawed Strategy

November 10, 2018
Extinction Rebellion Protestors

Extinction Rebellion is courageously protesting the UK government’s inaction on climate change. However, its strategy is flawed because it ignores SRM.

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The IPCC’s Long Escape from Ecological Reality

October 31, 2018
IPCCs Long Escape from Ecological Reality

Since the early 1990s the IPCC has progressively distanced itself from the agreed-upon target of safe concentration levels because of the latter’s incompatibility with capitalism, growth, and rich-world affluence.

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The IPCC’s 1.5°C Report is a Strategic Lie

October 19, 2018
The IPCCs 1.5C Report is a Strategic Lie

This report was a response to mounting concerns about the 2°C limit. However, it once again utilizes the IPCC’s false strategy: to focus on emissions rather than concentrations, and to aim for a temperature limit (which permits growth) rather than safe concentration levels (which do not).

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The True Danger is SOLUTIONS Denial

May 21, 2018

“Denialism” conventionally refers to the denial of GHG problems, but the real danger is the denial of GHG solutions – particularly for the melting Arctic. This form of denialism is one of the IPCC’s key functions.

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The Material Interests Driving IPCC Support

April 21, 2018
The Material Interests Driving IPCC Support

Aside from manipulations, IPCC support remains strong due to the material interests of the global rich. Seriously addressing the GHG crisis would mean a significant reduction in rich-world consumption levels.

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