The young have been ecologically betrayed.

Survival means revolutionary change.

Riot Graphic - CROPPED

The world's capitalists and their supporters are committing ecological genocide against the global young.  The evidence is irrefutable:

Although greenhouse gases are already at lethal concentrations, the emissions reductions they propose will increase these levels and the resulting global heat for decades to come.

Although the natural world is being ruthlessly destroyed by global capitalism, they remain firmly committed to this growth-dependent system.

Although they understand that humankind's current ecological trajectory implies mass slaughter of the young, they refuse to consider a sustainable path.

To maximize their survival changes the young must militantly confront these ecocidal forces.

This website is intended to help them meet this existential challenge.

My primary contributions are two books:

Youth Ecological Revolution

Presents an environmental, economic, political, and strategic analysis to guide your struggle. [PDF]

The Economics of Needs and Limits

Outlines a theory for a sustainable, post-capitalist economy. [PDF or Kindle]

If you choose to explore my independent thought, I suggest you start with the Youth Survival Manifesto.  This proclaims the young's revolutionary defiance, refutes the mainstream's core environmental lies, and demands the fundamental changes that could salvage their future.