A Last-chance Strategy for Youth Survival

By Frank Rotering | November 6, 2021

A Last-chance Strategy for Youth Survival - POST Top Image

Time has run out.  The global temperature is soaring, permafrost is rapidly melting, and habitats are being ruthlessly destroyed.  Points of no return could be reached at any time, with devastating consequences for the young, future generations, and the natural world.

To effectively address this environmental catastrophe and hopefully permit youth survival, expansionary capitalism must be replaced by a sustainable economy.  This is the "transformational change" that is occasionally mentioned by mainstream sources, but that is never openly identified or seriously pursued.

The reason for this evasion is clear: replacing capitalism implies revolutionary change.  The powerful abhor this idea as a threat to their social dominance, the older typically reject it as a threat to their material interests, and progressives dismiss it as a threat to their government-based reformism.

The only social actors who might initiate the revolutionary project are the enraged young themselves.  They increasingly understand that they have been viciously betrayed by their leaders and elders.  After the extreme weather events of 2021 they viscerally grasp that they will suffer and die in gut-churning numbers if capitalism continues its ecocidal rampage.  To escape these horrors the most concerned and enlightened among them must quickly organize militant movements to achieve the revolutionary shift.

On this website I offer my independent thought to guide these movements.  I objectively analyze the ecological crisis, outline humankind's rational response, and propose a strategy to implement this response.  The Youth Survival Manifesto is an overview.  The book Youth Ecological Revolution provides theoretical details and concrete advice.  For those interested in an economic theory to guide a sustainable economy, see my proposal in The Economics of Needs and Limits.

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  1. Laura on December 23, 2021 at 10:00 am

    Bravo! I’m listening. Keep going.

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