A Survival Strategy for the
Global Young

  • Replace social rulers and capitalism
  • Implement the rational crisis response

SRM Statement
by the
Global Young

  • No more global warming: cool the Earth
  • Urgently and ethically deploy SRM

Recent Posts

The Manipulations Driving IPCC Support

April 6, 2018
The Manipulations Driving IPCC Support

Despite its objective failure, support for the IPCC remains strong due in part to various manipulations. These include the redirection of public attention and the good-cop/bad-cop routine.

My Demands for the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report

March 16, 2018
My Demands for the IPCCs Sixth Assessment Report

The IPCC’s first five reports have failed to slow the rise in GHG concentrations. Here I make ten demands for its sixth report in 2021. If these cannot be met, the organization should be dissolved.

The Economic Roots of the IPCC’s Failure

March 8, 2018
Economic Roots of IPCC Failure

The IPCC was established to conceal the decision by social leaders to continue with capitalism’s economic expansion despite its gruesome ecological implications.

Bending the Wrong Curve: the IPCC’s Ecocidal Strategy

February 1, 2018
Bending the Wrong Curve - FEATURED IMAGE

The IPCC’s longstanding strategy is to bend the emissions curve to stabilize concentrations. Based on a critical 1992 agreement, the correct approach is to bend the concentrations curve to its safe level.

The Perilous Distortions of Climate Science

January 16, 2018
The Perilous Distortions of Climate Science

Climate scientists have done excellent problems research, but their solutions analysis is invalidated by massive distortions. Here I discuss the most significant of these.