A Survival Strategy for the
Global Young

  • Replace social rulers and capitalism
  • Implement the rational crisis response

SRM Statement
by the
Global Young

  • No more global warming: cool the Earth
  • Urgently and ethically deploy SRM

Recent Posts

Mainstream Emissions Reductions, or How to do NOTHING

February 12, 2017
Mainstream Emissions Reduction, or How to do NOTHING

Because of the emissions fallacy, the avoidance of population and consumption reductions, and restricted efficiency gains, current efforts to resolve the GHG crisis achieve essentially nothing.

The Emissions Fallacy

February 6, 2017
The Emissions Fallacy

Although climate and ocean damage is caused by unsafe GHG concentrations, “climate action” is focused on emissions – the increases to these concentrations. This is illogical.

The Twisted Tale of Greenhouse Gases

February 3, 2017
The Twisted Tale of Greenhouse Gases

A simple scientific model is needed to depict the full environmental impacts of unsafe GHGs. To obscure the horrific truth, such a model is carefully avoided by conventional sources.

Nature’s Mortal Wound

January 22, 2017
Nature's Mortal Wound

It is not enough to minimize humankind’s ongoing environmental damage – we must also repair our past damage through geoengineering methods.

Book Review: Climate Change, Capitalism, and Corporations

February 19, 2016
Book Review - Climate Change, Capitalism, and Corporations

Christopher Wright and Daniel Nyberg are business-oriented academics associated with the University of Sydney. Starting in 2008 they interviewed 70 employees at 25 Australian corporations to determine the corporate response to climate change.