The Prince

Book Cover - The Prince

by Niccolo Machiavelli (1532)

The word “Machiavellian” today means unscrupulous scheming, but this diminishes the significance of Machiavelli’s ideas.

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A Farewell to Ice

A Farewell to Ice by Peter Wadhams

by Peter Wadhams (2017)

Wadhams is an Arctic expert at the University of Cambridge. This book summarizes his scientific observations after numerous field trips over many decades.

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A Case for Climate Engineering

Book Cover - A Case for Climate Engineering

by David Keith (2013)

This book, by a Canadian physicist who is now at Harvard University, addresses the critical topic of solar radiation management (SRM) – the original term for climate engineering.

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A Short History of Progress

Book Cover - A Short History of Progress

by Ronald Wright (2004)

In this brief but highly readable book, Wright asserts that material progress is a trap that invites our species to over-expand, foul our environmental nests, and trigger an ecological crisis.

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The Discovery of Global Warming

Book Cover - The Discovery of Global Warming by Spencer R. Weart

by Spencer R. Weart (2003)

Weart’s book is useful not only for its historical perspective on global warming, but also because it provides three crucial insights.

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Book Cover - Ecotopia

by Ernest Callenbach (1975)

It is 20 years since Ecotopia – the territory occupied by Washington state, Oregon, and northern California – seceded from the United States because of the environmental crisis.

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The Limits to Growth

Book Cover - The Limits to Growth by Donella Meadows

by Donella H. Meadows, et al. (1972)

Should humankind survive the ecological crisis, future generations will look back on this book with the sad realization that we were unambiguously warned about the Earth’s ecological constraints.

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Silent Spring

Book Cover - Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

by Rachel Carson (1962)

This remains one of the most eloquent and perceptive books ever written about the hazards of environmental pollution.

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